Hilmar Wiegand

Hello There!

My name is Hilmar Wiegand, but on the internet I go by happens. (due to every other name I tried being already taken, and the word “shit” not being allowed in character names in a game I once played, cough)

I’m super excited about all things coding and I’ve started this blog to share things I come across and maybe also share some of the excitement 🙂

About me

I’ve had a lot of personal projects since my early teens, but I got my start in professional web development by solo developing a time tracking and management app for a restaurant I used to work at to support my studies.
Even though I hadn’t done much web development before, I quickly picked up the basics by myself and developed a mobile/desktop frontend in AngularJS and a backend in Laravel (Thinking I had to make do with shared hosting, I went with PHP. I know…) The clients were very happy with it and it’s still actively used by them today, to manage all their shifts and planning.

Shortly after that, I was hired by Acomodeo as a fullstack developer, and have been working there ever since.

I’ve also been a mentor in the Computer Science course of the Hessische Schuelerakademie 3 times already, which was always super fun and rewarding. You can find one of the games we developed together with a group of students here.

My current personal project is being a member of the Amethyst Game Engine team. Video games have always been a passion of mine, and it’s been great to be part of the community and contribute to something bigger.
Check it out or stop by our discord and have a chat!

A few of my other personal projects, finished or in progress, include: